Windmills of your mind chords

Datum van publicatie: 24.07.2019

The Windmills Of Your Mind. Requiem voor een dooie mus.

Sing a rainbow. Shape Of My Heart 2. A Lullaby. Only You. De Fabriek.

Mnchen ' Jean "Toots" Thielemans - Rosa Turbinata. Munich ' Le Gars de Rochechouart. Russians 1 Italiaanse vertaling.

Similar Artists of Rogier Van Otterloo

Video Magic. Children's Crusade. Let's go to Randstad. Desert Rose Afrikaanse vertaling. The Secret Marraige. The Lazarus Heart Bass tab.

  • You Were Meant For Me. Englandvaarders hebben een streepje voor.
  • Englisman In New York Bass tab.

Fortress Around Your Heart Guitar tab. The Soul Cages Guitar tab! It Ain't Necessarily So. Le Gars De Roche Chouart. Soul Cages Bass tab! It's Probably Me Italiaanse vertaling.


The Soul Cages. My Dearest Fluffy. Soul Cake. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman.

The Only Road. Fields Of Gold Duitse vertaling. Variatie Op 'Dat Mistige Rooi. Storm The Gates Of Heaven. The Soul Cages. Be Still My Beating Heart.


Munich ' All This Time Guitar chord. Englisman In New York Bass tab. Nederland kan trots zijn op zijn leger. Wat zonde.

The windmills of your mind. Tea In The Sahara Bass tab. The Wild Wild Sea. Take Me To The Sunshine. Nederlands English. Mad About You Duitse vertaling. Saint Agnes Guitar tab. Two of a kind. Moon Over Bourbon Street Bass tab.

Books / Theory

Dominic Frontiere. Beds Too Big Bass tab. Fortress Around Your Heart Guitar tab.

Floris Orgineel. Shiny Stockings. Saint Agnes Guitar tab.

Goed om te weten:


  1. Sister Moon Nederlandse vertaling. Straight To My Heart Bass tab.

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